Services & products

ORAC Europe provides a variety of services in the field of antioxidant science ranging from antioxidant activity research to specific analytical studies and from establishment of structure-activity relationships to assessment of anti-inflammatory activity.
Among the services currently offered by ORAC Europe are the determination of antioxidant capacity (e.g. ORAC value, total phenolics content, DPPH scavenging), the quantification of physiologically relevant pro-oxidant species produced by human inflammatory cells (e.g. granulocytes, monocytes), the determination of (physiological) anti-inflammatory activity, and in-depth sample analysis (e.g. TLC, HPLC, NMR, MS).

In addition to these services, ORAC Europe also offers scientific advice on product development and the use of the obtained data and information.

ORAC Europe will constantly update, refine and extend its methods and techniques to guarantee the highest level of service and expertise.
Customers can also request for tailor-made solutions for further specific needs or demands. Please contact ORAC Europe to inquire about other possible R&D services.