ORAC Europe BV was founded by Dr. Beukelman and Dr. van den Worm with scientific backgrounds in the Medical Faculty and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Utrecht University. Both participate in the dynamic research group of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology, headed by Prof. Liskamp since 1996.
ORAC Europe’s scientific team is diverse, flexible and highly qualified by combined expertise in pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, medicinal chemistry, and (medical) biology. For more than 20 years, chemical, physiological and immunological aspects of free radicals and antioxidants have intensively been studied, thereby providing a sound basis for antioxidant science as core business of ORAC Europe.

Presently, ORAC Europe is managed by:
Dr. E. van den Worm (CEO)
Dr. C.J. Beukelman (COO, CFO)
Dr. S.B.A. Halkes (CSO)
Dr. A.J.J. van den Berg (CTO)

Besides numerous contacts in the scientific community, ORAC Europe’s extensive network includes highly experienced agents, legal advisors, and marketers.
The foundation of a scientific advisory board is currently in progress.